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Two of the world’s most experienced rugby 7s players invite you to be part of the fastest growing global game. School of Rugby Sevens is run by coaches and former Scotland 7s International players Scott Wight and Mark Robertson. Join our community today.

Our day camps provide a fun, safe & educational environment in which players of all levels can enjoy 7s. Camps are for boys aged 11 – 16 years and take place all year round. Join us on the next one – we can’t wait to meet you.

Developing Individuals

It’s our belief that if we were to develop every rugby player in a sevens environment, we’d be an unstoppable rugby force. Not only do the unique demands of the game require you to hone all aspects of your skillset, it also offers the opportunity to develop real-world skills that can be applied to all areas of your life.

Create Opportunities

It’s no secret that rugby in England has traditionally been a middle class sport. Rugby sevens has eclipsed that historic perception and become much more accessible to players of all backgrounds. Countries without the funding or support to create a 15s programme, can dare to dream with sevens with many even making it to the world stage and challenging so-called rugby nations.

Empower a Global Community

Since the introduction of rugby sevens into the Olympics, the sport has experienced rapid international growth across both the men’s and women’s games. The beauty of rugby sevens is that countries where rugby is a minority sport are able to implement a programme fairly quickly compared to 15s and challenge traditional rugby playing nations.


“The best coaching he’s ever had. Really good format – great skills work in the morning and games in the afternoon. He loved playing with the older kids and learning from them. Great that it was a relatively small group of boys who are all keen and capable.”
Luca (Heriots camp)

The game of rugby sevens is one of the most demanding contact sports in the world where players explore the extremes of their physical and mental limits. In the space of two swift seven minute halves you experience joy and defeat, you make mistakes, you rectify those mistakes, you tinker between attack and defence, you get hit and you make hits. And at the end of it, you get ready to go again.

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